Brent Bosker graduated from the HKU in 2023 as a director and screenwriter. His graduation short, "Silent Waters," won the NPO Fiction Talent Award at the Netherlands Film Festival. He is currently developing his short into a feature in collaboration with BNNVara and directing a feature film about the life of Vincent van Gogh in Drenthe. Next to narrative storytelling he is directing short, poetic branded content productions.

Born and raised in Friesland, Brent feels the urge to transcend these boundaries by searching for subjects and themes that are universal and reflect on his world. In an intimate manner, he contrasts the subjective experiences of his characters with raw reality. His films tell profound stories about socio-cultural themes and ethical dilemmas in an honest yet impactful way. Like he did with "Silent Waters," where he created a moving portrait of a father-daughter relationship amidst the horrors of the Bosnian war.

Interested in working with Brent, or just want to grab a coffee and talk about film, feel free to reach out!
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